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  With a multitude of talents and interests, Lucian
Hood could have chosen from a variety of fields
to pursue as his life’s profession. The architect has
a strong attraction to archaeology, wildlife
preservation and has earned a license as a United
States Aviation Pilot. So, what led him to opt for
architecture over all of his other passions?
According to Lucian, his family was a guiding force
in his decision, having both his father and
grandfather in the building and construction
business. Lucian’s heritage paved the way by
providing respected name recognition and a solid
reputation, as well as aiding his development
of art and drawing skills from an early age.
The southeast view towards the drive court reveals the home’s entry. Tucked into the landscape, the home’s natural materials and rustic details beautifully blend structure with site.
Large window walls open the kitchen and breakfast nook out to the courtyard, reinforcing the connection between indoor and outdoor space.
Looking north toward the entry, one is struck by the romantic atmosphere created by the fountain and lush landscaping, which can be enjoyed from the outdoor courtyard.
Light permeates the kitchen and breakfast space through the large windows and skylight. Through the arched entry, one can view the dining room beyond.