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  Early in a project it is useful to set down
a list of site data that will be required in
order to guide the collection of original
and existing information. Such a list should
be short at the beginning and lengthen as
understanding of the site evolves.
   Too many data should not be gathered
at first stages, not only to save energy for
later investigations but also to avoid being
drowned in partly irrelevant material.
  Having said that, we present a list of data
that is far too long for any project. At most,
many of these topics would be handled
sketchily. Use it as a checklist to decide
what date need not be collected, as well as
those that must.
  The first items all projects need to start is
research information of existing property,
house or both. City, County information,
history , maps, topographical, geology,
existing tape measure and survey.
  One can now start the building blocks of
services as example schematic design,
inventory and analyze oner(s) needs, site
opportunities, constraints and other special
considerations. See list of services.