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Beverly Hills, CA
Rodeo Drive  House
Built in Regency Style, Rodeo Drive house in Beverly
Hills is 3,600 sq. feet and has 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths.
It was remodeled in 1996. The new Entry is one
of the additions by demolition of 12x18 space
front center of the house. It is constructed with a
higher oval ceiling with valanced lighting. The rest of the house interior was removed
and new floor plan
 The original house was one story flat structure with an attached carport on
one side. The carport was enclosed and became a Family TV room and new 2 car
Garage was built in the backyard with alley access.
Santa Monica, CA
Privately owned house in Santa Monica built in 1989.
This house was built ground up and consists maximum
5,300 sq. ft. per Santa Monica, CA zoning codes.
The usable lower floor square footage allowed a small
pool in the rear yard. The 3 story house is 2 ½ Floors
above grade and ½ story below grade with 6 Bedrooms
and 5 Baths, interior and exterior Stairs.
Santa Monica, CA
Los Angeles, CA
The Benedict Canyon Cottage house is 2,500 sq. ft.
addition, includes a 30x40 elevated bridge type
concrete structure posed as a balcony to hold a grass
lawn which “extends” the yard. The 3 story street
elevation also includes a Master Bedroom, Master Bath,
Closets, Small and Large Offices, a Gym, and story Stairs.
Century City, CA
Beverly Glen house has a 3rd story addition which
includes a new Master Bedroom, Bath, Closets, and 2
Bedrooms with a Large Bath between (Jack & Jill) with
separate tub and shower. One of the existing bedrooms
was used for stairs to 3rd floor. Now open room with
access to the backyard. The rest of the room was used
as a family computer room combined play room.
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Hollywood Hills, CA
Doheny & Sunset home project was remodel & addition.
It had 4 remodels prior with small interior spaces. The
Main Ceiling is vertically increased in height 4’-0” with
open space planning, Living, Dining, Piano-shaped
stairs, Kitchen & Breakfast. All these rooms now have
City Views. A theacter room was also added. The
6,000 sq. ft. modern house is rented to the movie
studios. CSI and many commercials have been filmed
Doheyny and Sunset, Click for more images
Beverly Hills, CA
Ell Retiro Way Beverly Hills,CA. A remodel , restore
from a California Ranch Style to Contemprorary Italian
Style. Remodel existing Tennis Court into garden with
structural concrete frame intact. A vacate and
dedication of public street Cul de Sac part
cantilevered landscape planter over slope for City of
Beverly Hills.
Beverly Hills, CA
MoorPark, CA
El Pollo Loco, in Moorpark, CA is a one story
Restaurant has a new proto type design for site where
strict Design Review Board needed a Spanish Mission
style Architecture to match the existing surrounding
developments theme. Full height interior in dining area,
full service sit down and a drive thru.
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